The Daily Meal


My kitchen has been going through a resurrection period.

For the last several months, I have been trying my hand at cooking more and eating out less.

Of course, the beginning of cooking more was – “What kind of dinners can be bought and kept in the freezer and then microwaved?”

Now, I would like to move on and learn a little of about true cooking.

I have googled and bought a great set of DVDs for mastering different recipes.

(I haven’t watched them yet… I hope it becomes a winter activity?)

But as I was giving my kitchen its resurrection cleaning, I decided to google and learn about the kitchen tools one needs to become proficient n the kitchen.

According the Lindsey Mattison from Wide Open Eats, there are 10 essential tools for a working kitchen:

  • Knives
    • A Chef’s knife
    • A serrated knife
    • A paring knife
  • Cutting Boards
    • Probably more than one- You don’t want to mix meats and veggies as you cut.
  • Mixing Bowls
  • Measuring Cups and Spoons
  • A Can Opener
  • A Colander
  • A Veggie Peeler
  • Spoons, Whisks. Tongs, and Spatulas
  • A Meat Thermometer
  • Dishes and Pot Holders

(Pre-stated was the needs for pots and sheet pans, storage containers, and baking dishes.)

I was surprised that I was more prepared to begin my new professional life as a cook than I had originally thought.

Now, I just need to know why I need a Chef’s knife and how to use a meat thermometer and a veggie peeler.



  1. Good Eats is getting a revival on Youtube. You can watch that if you’re so inclined. Good luck with the cooking thing. Now if only I could get my husband to cook something besides his “famous spaghetti” which he only knows how to make for 8 people. And while it’s… okay in taste (it’s canned spaghetti sauce) it’s not great for a week afterwards — there’s only two of us. Bless his heart.

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    1. Freezer? I mean you might forget it’s in there, but on the other hand, you might remember (because you’re in the purging frame of mind already with your move). You can have spaghetti in a couple of weeks or a month and it’ll still be tasty. And buy some Italian seasoning (mixed) or fresh basil and oregano (they usually have that in small packages in the store). A judicious amount of garlic and you might just spice up the sauce from tasting canned and okay to wow, that was great sauce. Well that’s what I do. And sorry for butting into a ‘private’ conversation… 😐

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      1. Melanie, I didn’t mean he’s making it *now*. ^_^ I mean that’s all he knows how to make. hahahaha! And whenever he does make it, it’s for eight people. He doesn’t eat leftovers, so it’s up to me to finish it off.

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  2. Mr. Shipp…you’ve figured out the veggie peeler already I suspect (the naked potato post), BUT. You also peel raw carrots (you don’t have to, but many people prefer to), squash (zucchini types), rutabagas, sweet potatoes (if you eat those), parsnips, cucumbers…there’s loads of veggies that can come under the ‘knife’. And the Chef’s knife? I don’t know about that one, except to say that it is good to have a really well made sharp knife for slicing and dicing those veggies, and trimming fat and bits you don’t want off your meat. Cutting up chicken breasts and parts…. a good sharp knife is mandatory IMHO.


    1. So many questions!!! Define ‘squash’ … ‘zucchini’ … the difference between slice and dice … and are a par-a-snips scissors?

      I do know that those words exist, but they have never made it near my kitchen.

      Do I need help?


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