How long do you wait before declaring something that is misplaced as officially lost?

I have misplaced all the usual things

  • Car keys
  • My phone
  • The pen I was just using
  • The matching sock
  • Nail clippers
  • One winter glove
  • My reading glasses
  • Paperwork
  • Where I parked the car

But I am almost sure I have a new one for you.

I have lost/ misplaced three different 1/3 measuring cups that you buy in the little nesting configurations.

I have ALL the others, but the 1/3 cups is always gone.


  • Why only the 1/3 cup?
  • How did it become disconnected from its loving family of nesting cups?
  • Is there a 1/3 thief in my neighborhood?
  • Why does this thief only need the 1/3 cup?

So many questions and so little time to answer them.


4 thoughts on “THE MISSING NESTER

  1. Actually (IMHO of course), MURPHY is behind this dumb thievery. And logically? The 1/3 cup is kinda small. I suspect we sometimes toss it in the trash and don’t realize it. OR the house elves* steal them. What those elves DO with them? Remains a secret! 😛

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