“Three minutes and counting.”

“You look ridiculous.”

“Ridiculous? I’m just getting ready to celebrate.”

“The party is tonight. We should be leaving. It’s a three hour drive and I have to go home to shower and change.”

“You can go, but I’d wait. Two more minutes.”

“At least take off that silly party hat. People are watching us.”


“Stop your spinning and dancing. Someone is going to call the cops.”

“Oooo… One minute. One day, I am actually going to be there on the spot. I ‘ve always dreamed of being there for the first ray of light for a new year.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Timbuktu. Where New Year’s begins. Same time zone as Greenwich, England. To be relaxing out on a dune, watching the stars shine like they will never shine here again, awaiting the first rays of the sun for a new year. What could be better? Three… Two… One…”

Christopher blows his noisemaker and spins and dances for almost five minutes- at least it seems that.

Two police officers are approaching.

I grab his hand. “Let’s go. You’ve celebrated enough.”

“Sure. Now we can shower and change and party. The New Year is here!”


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