ff818996a00c6898c88150e56a6bf8f6STOP DRIVING ME CRAZY!

I hit the pause button as I begin to write this…

  • Am I giving my adversaries too much fodder?
  • Might life be better if these things were left unsaid?
  • But, it seems I have reached the point that it is time to let-the-cat-out-of-the-bag.


Drivers who think that the street in front of my house is a race track…

  • Or that I crave hearing the noise their fiberglass-packed, thousand dollar mufflers
  • Or that I can’t wait to go outside to see the rubber they laid on the pavement as they took off at the stop sign.

Blabbermouths at the movies

  • Some people want to whisper a comment or two, but I hate the ones who say, “Wait until you see what happens next?” The idiot! Do they think that I am going to suddenly get up and leave?
  • Or… “Nothing really great happens for a few minutes… Do you want some popcorn?”
  • Or… “I don’t want to ruin the ending, but you don’t have to worry about Clara dying.”

A fast food restraint whose soda machines don’t work.

  • Or… They are out of seven of the ten drink selections.
  • Or… “We no longer have the kid’s toy with the meal.”

When can’t find my reading classes (even though I have a pair in every room of the house) and my best friend laughs and says, “I’m sure they’re where you left them last.” Gasp. Gasp. Gasp.

When cashiers can’t ring up the items on the conveyor belt and talk at the same time. HINT: If you can’t do both, go home and do the one you’re good at.

Parents who count to ten… “Honey, you don’t want Mommy to count to ten again.” … and then count to ten… and then, “Honey, are you going to make Mommy count to ten again? I am so disappointed.”

Using your phone when you are supposed to giving your attention to the person you are with. (Once, maybe needed. Twice, ummm. Seven times … Come back when you want to visit with me!)

THIRTY items in the quick check-out lane. When the person gets to the cashier, “Sorry, I was just planning to get 10 things. I think I overdid it? But your lane seemed quicker.” DuH!!! I wonder why!


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