As a college student, one of my favorite rewards was a trip to the local dairy bar and purchase a triple dip of raspberry ice cream on a waffle cone.

Now, not only do I think I probably could not eat that much ice cream that fast before it melted… I have a little more restraint.

I purchase a kid’s cone.

It’s still a worthy reward!!!

DISCLAIMER: No… I did not read the prompt incorrectly. I know it said raspy. But I could not get ice cream out of my head! If I did not write about raspberry ice cream, my mind might have exploded! Besides, when I was teaching, I would always explain to my class that the prompt was just a guide, a jumping off point. So… I jumped!)


3 thoughts on “RASP-BERR-Y ICE CREAM

    1. I tried coming up with an actor or actress I have a fondness for… to no avail. Ice cream (raspberry, in particular) would not leave my mind. I am planning to have raspberry ice cream for dessert with a little supper. I blame you! Thanks, I suspect I will love it!!!

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