Grabbing-the-DodgeballIn conversation, a person was speaking of teh number of robo-calls they were receiving. “Those people are the new hustlers,” they said.

At first I thought that was an accurate statement, but now … not so much.

I have far more respect for a hustler: an aggressively enterprising person; a go-getter according to Google.

These phone-call invaders are scum.

  • They set-up a phone list and a remote-program does most of the scam.
  • They purchases (or stole) the phone numbers – no skill involved.
  • They probably bought (or stole) the program necessary for the calls.

A true hustler (from the respectable days) had to have an exquisite skill base of some sort. Whether they were a flimflamming artist at poker, of practicing thier chicanery around a pool table.

Even a artistry of a practiced pick-pocket can be appreciated.

I think all telephone scam artists should be lined-up along a concrete wall and pummeled with dodge balls by dodgeball ninja before have to serve thier sentences.



2 thoughts on “NOT A HUSTLER, A THIEF

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