The Mueller Report

100 Word Story

“Another blasted waste of taxes,” fumed Charles Thomas at his wife.

“What you reading?” Clair Jo asked.

“This infernal report Leroy copied from online. I didn’t believe him when he told me about it.”

“Never trust everything you read online line, dear.”

“This ain’t online. I have the dang copy here in my hands.

“So why the uproar?”

“Says here that they spent over $25 million gettin’ a report on mules. That kinda of money to study mules? Don’t they know you can’t breed mules? If you get a fine one, care for it good. There ain’t no breedin’ offspring.”

Written for 100 Word Story. (FYI: I just copied the photo from the site yesterday, and now the picture has changed? Maybe too much hatred online?)

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