If you are not following the news in the world of sports, you are missing a most ferocious battle between San Diego Padres star Manny Machado and Atlanta Braves mascot Blooper

This feud has been going on for several years. Manny refused to play leapfrog with Blooper before a baseball game.

THE BATTLE ESCALATED during the ASTROS and BRAVES series this year.

On Monday

Manny pretended he wanted to shake hands… but instead, did the fifth grade boy thing.

On Tuesday

It seemed that reconciliation was in teh air. Blooper was going to be the bigger man… er… mascot.

 On Wednesday

But then, things went off the tracks…. Manny was tricked!

On Thursday

By Thursday, you knew that paybacks were in the air!

The ASTROS and the BRAVES do not see each other again for play until after All-Star break… but I would bet that the dust has not settled on this behemoth sporting battle!



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