While I was reading Field and Stream, I stumbled across an innovative topic that I had dreamer of as a small child, but I had never thought would have happened in real life… Hunting with a Rifle Silencer

When I was little, I heard stories, and saw in the movies, of the bad guys killing their targets with a silencer so that they could escape into the casual society around them undetected.

My friends would tell stories of being on a deer hunt or a turkey hunt and taking the first shot… missing… and never having the chance again that day. The animals scattered at the harsh consequences of gun fire.

I jokingly told Ben, a friend when I was in sixth grade, that he should hunt using a silencer on his rifle. Then he could miss the first shot twice! We both laughed about it… and then made up terrifying, but quit successful, deer hunting stories until we fell asleep.

Now, to find out, silencers have been used in European hunting excursions for many, many years… and the prevalence of using a silencer (actually, a better name is a rifle suppressor), is catching on in the States.

“Sure silencers are for shooting, but they are also for hunting. I no longer go hunting without using a silencer and even bring extras for my friends to use so I don’t have to hear their loud guns.”

Written for Daily Addictions: INVENT.  

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