Jack Reacher. Never Go Back     


Jack Reacher. Never Go Back   


While trying to visit Major Susan Turner, maybe in an attempt at a somewhat normal life, Reacher stumbles across an espionage ring out to frame the Major.

Two of Major Turner’s soldiers were killed in Afghanistan and she has been arrested a accused as a conspirator/ terrorist.

Jack seeks out Major Turner’s lawyer, Colonel Moorcraft.  Moorcraft is then murdered and Jack is the accused.

Another enjoyable watch!

Written for Movie Critiques.

6 thoughts on “Jack Reacher. Never Go Back     

      1. I had the first 18 Reacher books. They can be read in any order as they don’t necessarily follow on. After TC took on the role, I couldn’t associate him to my 6′ 7″ hero. There are other actors who would have been better cast IMO, Sam Elliott (if he was thirty years younger), Aaron Eckhart, Ray Stevenson, Ron Perlman, Gerard Butler to name just a few. I haven’t looked at another Reacher book since.


      2. There have been about another 5 or 6 after I stopped buying them. The first was Killing Floor, second Die Trying and third Trip Wire, I really enjoyed them. The Visitor was very clever, as was Bad Luck and Trouble.

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