ShoesCarefully rereading the note, I pocketed it and quickly slipped the sneakers in my backpack.

Since giving up my field assignments at MI-6, scavenger hunts have become my drug of choice… my safe adrenaline rush.

Agatha, my over-protective wife, was far more understanding of my once-a-month-Saturdays being spend with a group of former operatives than my previous job.

She would laugh at being called over-protective. I have to admit, the stint with the agency had had its harrowing moments: kidnapped three times, wounded seven, in a coma during the birth of our second child.

I understand her relief when I chose to retire.

So, onward toward the prize.

Spying Amanda at the corner of the pier, I crouched and tagged her. Her chest flashed RED- I was granted a kill.

That left only Brad and a designated sleeper.

And only two more dead drops to find.

Written for Flash Fiction for the Practical Practitioner- 2018. Week 41. Requirements: Using the picture prompt provided, create a flash story of under 200 words.

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