goofy with binoculars

I find watching the skies relaxing, but mustering the telescopes (etc.) to the site and being blessed with a clear night have not been a fruitful endeavor in resent months.

We have had intensely overcast skies, or rain clouds, or gibbous-to-full moons on all of the excellent viewing nights for the last two months.

But if we are lucky- don’t hold your breath- it might be possible to see Saturn with only binoculars on Sunday evening around 10:30 pm. It calls for a cloudy day, but maybe?

On Tuesday, the cloud cover is supposed to sky-friendly for observing the lunar land forms in the first quarter of the moon.

Written for DAILY ADDICTIONS: MUSTER.   I have been having problems finding something of meaning to create an answer for the prompts this year. So I decided to strengthen and tighten my focus. My chosen topics are as follows:  (Monday) Life in Retirement; (Tuesday) Hobbies: Archaeology and Astronomy; (Wednesday) Fitness; (Thursday) Chores; (Friday) Writing; (Saturday) Hobbies: Music and Photography; and (Sunday) Hobbies: Gardening and Birdwatching.

I'd love to hear from you. It's nice to know other people are out there.

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