Two for You and One for Me

ayr6 elephants
Photo Prompt: C.E. Ayr

Two for You and One for Me 

“Be still, Barry. If they sense us, they will charge.”

“But Mama, look at the little one. He is so cute.”

“His mama won’t find us so cute if she feels threatened. Now, stay down. Be quiet. And wait.”

“Look Mama,” Barry whispered excitement could hardly be contained. “Another little one.”

“So rare,” was Master Hunter/ Curator Smith’s reply to her twelve-year-old son. “I have heard of three sets of twins recently at Addo Elephant National Park but I have never witnessed twins in the wild.”

“Can we keep him?”

“What!” the master hunter/ curator’s voice went louder than she had hoped. The mother elephant’s huge ears became emboldened.

“Can we keep the other one?” pleaded her son.

“If we can bag’em both… That’s all the museum wanted. Sure you can kept the other.”

With that confirmation, Barry leveled the monstrous beast. The team encircled the two calves.

The job was complete.

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction. Requirements: Using the photo prompt provided, create a flash fiction piece of approximately 200 words.


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