Meandering to The Great One

For those of you who are not NCAA Basketball  aficionados,  The Great One is The Dance… The Grand Oldie… March Madness… The NCAA Basketball Championships.

I hate waiting for Selection Sunday to find out when my team gets to play next; To discover in what region they have been placed, what seed they have been given, and with which teams they have been aligned.

It is nerve-racking!

So finally the Selection Show has finished.


The Virginia Cavaliers are the Number One Seed. But in their bracket the loving, non-politically motivated NCAA Selection Committee, has placed TWO OTHER POTENTIAL TWO SEEDS that Virginia has to beat BEFORE being allowed the play the true Number Two seed in their region.

There is NO WAY the Kentucky is actually a Number Five seed and Arizona is a Number Four Seed when you compare them the the other teams that have made the field.

Here I am raving on and on about the region that the Virginia Cavaliers are in and have not given any consideration to where MY TEAM has been placed.

The DUKE BLUE DEVILS are a Number Two seed. They have a very tough field to play against as well. (Not nearly as rough as Virginia’s field.)

I will now quit ranting…. because most you that have begun reading this particular blog, are no longer reading it… and definitely no longer care!

But thanks for allowing me to get this off my chest.

Written for Personal. The Daily Post: Meander


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