Anything for Buster



“7:37…. Now, to find the red door.”

I turned to the left… then the right. There was no one.

“Well, that’s good. No one will get hurt. And she can’t hide in the crowds.”

I’m not sure why I thought I was looking for a she? The voice on all three calls had been distorted.

“There it is!” I hadn’t meant to say anything aloud. It just happened. The red door was thee office buildings down and to the right.

Upon reaching the door, I was reluctant to open it. Sure, the instructions said to step inside and place the money on the counter. Leave. Buster would be returned immediately.

“But can you trust the word of a kidnapper? Ok, in this case… a dog napper.”

I stepped outside.

There was really nothing else to do.

Walking back toward the car I heard a door close on the other side of the street.

There was Buster!

I whistled and he came running.

Attached to his collar was a small envelope. A red beam of light was dancing across it.

I quickly opened the envelope.

Enclosed was a small slip of paper and these typed words… Leave Now!

I did.

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction. Requirements: Write a 200 word flash fiction story using ideas form teh photo prompt.

16 thoughts on “Anything for Buster

    1. Thanks for the read. This was my first writing for my new class of seventh graders to begin working on inference. Anxious to see how it goes. The writing was to leave many questions unanswered.

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