Trusting the Compass


Due North…

Sometimes directions are so easy to find.

But even the easy-to-find directions can be misdirected by something as simple as a magnetic force.

Finding one’s true direction in life can be far more difficult. Once it’s found, any destination worth its pursuit, is rarely conquered without great cost.

I think that this is true for finding one’s place in the world at each stage of life.

From the highly-animated, but sometimes erratic pursuits of a youth…

to the passion-driven, often ethically-challenged young adult…

to the structure-oriented, and purpose-driven pillar-of-society…

to the wizened, often more reflective elder…

All stages in life seek clarification of the issues surrounding them- confirmation that they are truly on the right track, and some sense of self-fulfillment that the task to which they have set their hand is worthy of its future fruition.

NOTE TO SELF: Finding one’s purpose and destiny is no easier at sixty than it was at twelve.

But at least at sixty, I hope one can have a more infinite trust in one’s compass?

Written for The Daily Post:  Compass. I have been having problems finding something of meaning to create an answer for the prompts this year. So I decided to strengthen and tighten my focus. My chosen topics are as follows:  (Monday) Teaching and Life; (Tuesday) Hobbies: Archaeology and Astronomy; (Wednesday) Fitness; (Thursday) Chores; (Friday) Writing; (Saturday) Hobbies: Music and Photography; and (Sunday) Hobbies: Gardening and Birdwatching.

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