To the Victor

Photo by “A Mixed Bag”

“Do you really it’s still there?” Steven removed his peaked hat and wiped his brow. Chad had said to remain in uniform, but this heat was stifling.

“Has to be. The plunder of three Spanish galleons… Can’t just have disappeared without a trace.”

“It was heavily guarded. The entire time. You know the story.”

“Just means it was an inside job. I have researched every known officer and penal colony resident during that time period. Not one family has ‘suddenly’ found great wealth. I know the spoils from that wreckage remain hidden in the fortress somewhere.”

“How can you be so sure we will find it?”

“My new actinic encephalogram. It’s set to resonate on gemstones. Emeralds… Rubies… Diamonds.”

“Your Ph.D. in Nucleonic Geoscience…”

“Yep. I have dreamed of this day since the tour guides told our seventh grade class of the legend. From that day, I knew the treasures would one day be mine.”

“I am honored that you have allowed me to witness your soon to be acclaimed achievements.”

Your presence is imperative. I am sure there was an unscrupulous officer needed for the original concealment. It’s only apropos that we unveil the treasure in a like manner.”

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction. Requirements: Using the photo prompt provided create a 200 word flash fiction story.

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