The Blossoming of a New Hobby

giphy flower

Point and Click.

Point and Click.

Point and Click.

That is really all I know about photography.

Each time I retrieve my cameras form storage, I have to begin again with how to cut them on and find the amatuer settings for Point and Click.

Today, I set up a hobby center for my camera paraphernalia.

There is even a camera club in my area that I am hoping to join and begin learning  more advanced photographic techniques. Anything I learn will be more advanced what where I am at the present!

Until then, I have batteries awaiting, and cameras in the chute.

Soon…. The world could be on the cusp of a new  Ansel Adams. (I cheated. I don’t know any famous photographers’ names. I remember him from his American West pictures.)

Written for The Daily Post: June 17, 2017. Blossom


6 thoughts on “The Blossoming of a New Hobby

  1. Nice write-up. Love the way that you portray ideas and perspectives into words, crisp, broad and wide. Really love the gif at the top, and the way that you write your words out. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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  2. I’m the same. Sometimes when I’m out taking photos I’ll accidentally touch some button somewhere, all the photos go blue and I can’t work out how to reset it.


    1. I haven’t had that happen. My biggest error is just the try to get started. There have been many times that I fill a memory card wiht six pictures. Somehow I asked for a siing that I would never use? Then there was the time(Three times) I left without batteries in the camera? But I guess I’m learning???

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