Creating “Home” from an Empty Nest


As the next fifty years of life await me, I am contemplating the process of restructuring what “home” looks like.

No longer will four or five people be in sleeping bags in the middle of the living room binging on a Superman or Star Wars movie night.

Breakfast is for one… and it can be almost anytime I want to have it.

Late nights are now a night-on-the-town after 7:00 pm.

Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny have seemed to have left change-of-address notices.

I can sit and read as long as I want to read… unless my Shih Tzu has other plans.

There is no one else to blame for bringing junk food into the house.

Someone entering my house on tiptoes after midnight is now a burglar.

I am not sure what a new “home” includes….

Written for The Daily Post: June 16, 2017. Create.

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