Opaque Conclusions


Opaque Conclusions

An initial interest… Research… Establishing a quest… More research… collecting results… Fine-tuning a more honed question… Even more research…

Two of the loves of my life have these steps in common.

In one, archaeology, often you can dig and unearth artifacts that will assist at the drawing on a more honest conclusion.

In astronomy, however, the fine-tuning of a quest can be years in the making and years in the next execution of steps to discover a minutia of information in order to establish the more comprehensive honing of the next set of questions.

Neither of these ambitious hobbies are an exact science… no matter what the textbooks may say.

The research can be exact to the finest of intricacies… but…

Opaque conclusions… that’s why the answers are called theories!

Written for The Daily Post: Opaque. I have been having problems finding something of meaning to create an answer for the prompts this year. So I decided to strengthen and tighten my focus. My topics for the month of March are as follows:  (Monday) Teaching and Life; (Tuesday) Hobbies: Archaeology and Astronomy; (Wednesday) Fitness; (Thursday) Chores; (Friday) Writing; (Saturday) Hobbies: Music and Photography; and (Sunday) Hobbies: Gardening and Birdwatching. 


2 thoughts on “Opaque Conclusions

  1. Lovely how people always rely on science yet disregard the fact that science mostly bases on theories and ideas which are thoroughly researched. What a great short post with so much meaning!

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