Mother’s Day Eve: FFftPP-2017: Week #13



WEEK #13


“What do you think the stink’s all about this time?”

“Be on guard, Fred.”

“At this five-n-ten strip. We’ve had flash mob… school choir on Thursday, a sighting of the LeBron and posse on Friday, and three college boys streaking late Saturday night. What do you think in going to happen this early?”

“One always has to be on alert. It’s Mother’s Day, you know.”

I couldn’t help but snicker. “Yes, quite a dangerous holiday. Silent alarm was triggered at the cosmetic kiosk. Do you think it’s an early morning shopper looking for a last minute gift for his mother-in-law?”

I would like to give a hearty welcome to all flash fiction aficionados. Welcome to the new Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner Home Site.

Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner is a weekly writing challenge designed for both the flash fiction newbie and the more experienced writer. It is the desire of this challenge to allow writers the opportunity to clear the cobwebs from a more tedious and involved project. Becoming a part of a new and growing writer’s community might be just what the doctor ordered to rejuvenate your writing juices.



Written for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: Week #13 – 2017. Requirements: Using the photo prompt, create a 200 word flash fiction.

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