NAPOWRIMO- 2017: #7

National Poetry Writing Month- 2017



REQUIREMENTS: We were asked to write a poem about luck and fortuitousness. This challenge had specific guidelines to follow:

Create the following lists:

  1. List – 3 random objects. (Smaller tends to be better.)  My List – canteen, lamp, football
  1. List – 3 random but specific locations. (Think in the cookie jar, or under my seat…) My List – dresser drawer, in a safe, the briefcase
  1. List – 2 objects you’ve lost and a few notes on their back-story. My list – car keys, hope
  1. List- 2 objects you’ve found and few notes on their back-story. My list – recipe, friendship

Now, choosing an object from List 1, a location from List 2, and connect them in a poem with ideas from Lists 3 & 4 and Voilà! A fortuitous poem! I chose the words in red. 



Unrequited Friendship  

Suddenly awaken from my slumber

An intruder, my neighbor, was ransacking the safe in my study

Football firmly grasped was launched

Earsplitting contact, and he was without hope

Tightly trussed as a rodeo calf

Yawning, awaiting the local constable

Written for The National Poetry Writing Month- 2017.


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