NAPOWRIMO- 2017: #2


National Poetry Writing Month- 2017

Day two

REQUIREMENTS: We were asked to write a RECIPE using poetic license.

Easy-to-Make Deviled Eggs

Six children freshly selected from the feathered classes

Allow them a pleasure-filled swim in a hot tub for one minute after the first complaint.

Pluck them to safety and let them catch a few rays for the length of two Bug’s Bunny cartoons.

Allow them to shower, change, and cool from a morning of intense play.

Lobotomatize each with a quick slice and a scoop.

Place the twelve awaiting carcasses neatly in their holding chambers.

Mash the unique psychosurgical remains with precise measures of mayonnaise, vinegar, mustard, salt, and pepper.

Reanimate each of the twelve corpses with one globular transfusion.

Chill and await the conquering group’s celebration.

Written for The National Poetry Writing Month- 2017. 



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