Parley: The Beauty of Discord


Parley: The Beauty of Discord

The ability to parley is a missing skill in today’s world. Too many people are willing to only see one truth- and they are the sole possessor of this truth.

The ability to find parley in music and photography is what gives art the ability to have beauty!

It is the dissonance, the conflicts, the dis-harmonies of a masterpiece that allow one to focus on the splendor and exquisiteness of resolving issues.

Written for The Daily Post: March 4, 2017. Parlay. I have been having problems finding something of meaning to create an answer for the prompts this year. So I decided to strengthen and tighten my focus. My topics for the month of March are as follows: (Monday) Teaching and Life; (Tuesday) Hobbies: Archaeology and Astronomy; (Wednesday) Fitness; (Thursday) Chores; (Friday) Writing; (Saturday) Hobbies: Music and Photography; and (Sunday) HobbiesGardening and Birdwatching.

I'd love to hear from you. It's nice to know other people are out there.

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