Magik Exams


“I loved our trip to Romaine.”

“Bran’s Castle. Just imagine the stories those walls could tell. The true story of Count Dracula.”

“Sheeesa, Rudolph. That is a grand idea.”


“Our senior wizard’s independent study exam. Let’s construct a spell to allow those walls to talk.”

“Wow, Spencer. A great project. From those stories, we could write a series of trilogies and sell them to our human malcontents.”

“Splendid! The trifecta! Power. Fame. And Wealth!”

Master Merlin raised an eyebrow immediately stilling the lads. “If I may continue…” Mater intoned coldly. “The reason for our trip to this unique sculptural emporium here at Hairpin Coven.”

The boys cowed beneath the toxic stare of their leader.

“Many of you are no doubt already thinking of your senior independent study projects. Enshrined here, at the Magik Sculptor Emporium, are the mistakes for such required projects. As was loudly inferred by our senior leaders, Rudolph and Spencer- Power, Fame, and Wealth are stupendous motivators. But please notice the stress on the word stupendous. It hails from its derivative STUPID. Here enshrined… entombed… it’s all mere perspective… rest many senior investigative gaffes and sometimes their investigators.

The lads gulped.

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction. Requirements: Create a 200 word (approximately) flash fiction story using teh photo prompt.


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