Recognize: Who Are You?


At Seven

I carried 15-25 books home a week- all from the library. I had need of a separate stash for the weekends.

I slept with our German shepherd any time the weather allowed. I was supposed to be in the yard beside of him, but I usually shared his dog house.

Grilled cheese as a heavenly supper. I had no idea what pizza was!

Superman was my hero. (Jumping off rooftops gave my mother nightmares.)

At Seventeen

I was in my fifth trimester of college. (We didn’t have semesters.) I traveled with several regional quartets on each weekend- leaving Friday morning and returning sometime early Monday morning. I was a professor’s nightmare.

I was being to finally grow! I began to participate in sports again. (Earlier it had been difficult to hold my own being usually a foot-plus shorter and a hundred pounds lighter.)

Tennis became a second love- basketball was still my first.

Pizza was one of the major food groups.

Erica Kane (All My Children) was the love of my life. The dorm couches were full of eager Romeos.

At Thirty-Seven

Suddenly, gaining weight was NOT difficult.

All day outing at a tennis marathon with friends cause my legs to lock-up in the car on the rides home.

Younger opponents begin the stall game in competitive activities. If they just last long enough, victory is theirs.

Baseball becomes a renewed love. (I coach better than I was able to play?)

Pizza was still a favorite food group, but there seemed to be developing consequences!

Teaching becomes individual passion… instead of “God, I am blessed to love my job”

At Fifty-Seven Plus

What do I want my next fifty years to hold?

Reading and writing have infiltrated my life.

Solo activities are becoming the norm: gardening, cooking, astronomy, bird-watching, photography.

Pizza is now only once a week.

“Trash-talking on the court” is now a distant memory. (It just doesn’t feel right to trash-talk in pickleball.)

At Seventy-Seven

Still a bit away….

I have no idea what my world might hold.

Written for The Daily Post: February 4, 2017. Recognize


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