I have to control myself from bursting out in laughter as I hear colleagues and pundits compare computer-teaching (buying an online- much acclaimed five-star program) in a classroom setting to an experienced, passionate teacher in a classroom with the same 30+ children.


I have taken online classes… and there are a few that I have actually enjoyed.

But to expect a computer to teach our children the knowledge needed to be acquired and developed and to then master the social skill sets that they need to advance themselves in the world… ABSURD!

A skilled and passionate teacher assisting willing (and often not-so-willing) learners will win this contest hands down every single time!

Can computers be used to assist instruction? I will give that a full-hearted YES!!!

Can a computer replace the personal touch?  None have been built so far that can come close.

(You can now hear applause from the learned as I slowly and confidently step down from behind the podium.)

Written for The Daily Post: January 30, 2017. Replacement

7 thoughts on “Irreplaceble

  1. I agree, we’re a long way from robot teachers! Though I read yesterday that within the next few years they’re hoping to replace home care persons with “culturally-aware” robots. Whatever that means.

    Has nobody seen “I, Robot?” “Terminator?” “Battlestar Galactica?” “2001”? It’s not going to end well.

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  2. gah.. not a fan of computer-based teaching. Web seminars… okay… so long as I have a way to interact with a live instructor. But straight up computer-based? No.

    I once took an tv-based college course. Hated the first episode. Never watched again. Still managed to get a good grade… because the “instruction” was useless to actual learning (I think I read an accompanying book but it’s possible I didn’t even do that much).

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