Make Your Mama Happy


Make Your Mama Happy

“Mama, Mama!” Eight-year-old Herbie was racing from the front window to the kitchen door. “It’s Uncle RoRo. In a U-Haul.”

Sylvia went to greet her youngest brother.

Roro (a bit of a ne’er-do-well, but the favorite uncle of Herbie) was balancing three boxes in his arms and side-stepping the feet his anxious nephew.

“What on earth have you brought, Roro?”

“Memories,…Memories.” He smiled as he was opening box after box. “I remember you saying as you left for college how much you missed my garage band.”

Roro was still smiling… “Herbie, here’re my old sticks. Make your mama happy.”

Written for The Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge. Requirements: January 5, 2017 Prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a rattling sound. It can be an intimidating sound of protest, a disorienting loud sound, a musical expression or a gentle baby’s toy. Go where the prompt leads you.


6 thoughts on “Make Your Mama Happy

  1. I am married to an amateur drummer and have been for the past 48 years (modern bebop stuff). Of course I am happy all the same, but if you play trumpet for example, you can put it in a small case, hold it under your arm or in you hand and travel to the next rehearsal or engagement. Drums – forget it. You take them apart, needing at least half an hour, you stow them away in your car boot – if it is big enough, and when you arrive you unpack them and need another half hour to assemble them. I am not sure about the happy bit. If you want to practice at home, then soundproof the room, or get yourself an electric set. Otherwise yes, I suppose I am happy to be a drummer’s wife. We are now golden oldies, so have got used to it over the years I think, I suppose – yes (but a trumpet would be so much easier).

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  2. Nice! Love how you jump right into the action of the story. Always had a hard time with that myself. I get caught up in useless details to often and you seem to know what’s worth it to include. Short stories/flash fiction is very difficult. You’ve got my follow.

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