The Interior of My Writer’s Mansion

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I have a great fondness for the feel of retro. I like the small end efficient. I love comfort and extravagance.

At first look, these loves of my life seem to be incompatible with each other.

In my younger days, I was far easier to please.

Now this incompatibility can seem to be debilitating.

I love nature and the outdoors. I love campfires. I love hiking. I hate mosquitoes. I hate the heat at night. And I hate going to bed grimy and sweaty.

Solution: I now camp in cabins. I can be outdoors all that I want. There are many great repellants for those pesky bugs. And cabins have both fireplaces and showers!

So, for a man as difficult to please in his yearning as … NO!

For a gentleman as discerning in his acquired tastes as I have become… What to do?

This is the task that I have set before me: my one-room writer’s retreat …

I am sure that there will be more to share through these prompts in the coming days.

Written for The Daily Post: January 2, 2017. Interior


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