BARS and Melody (They’re Opening Performance)

If you want to see how it started.


I hope you enjoyed these two as much as I did. Following your dreams is what being hopeful is all about.

I can’t wait to start my school year off showing this video to my classes for our first writing assignment.

Blessing to you all for the New Year!

If you have time, read my resolutions for the next several months. If not, I hope you were blessed by the videos.

The New Year is here and that means it’s time to hear all of our friend’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the coming year.

Most of my friends have given up on making a New Year’s Resolution.

I find that sad.

Actually, what I truly find sad is that we seem to think that we are allowed to only make resolutions once a year.

I try to make three or four new resolutions every ninety days. It is sorta how I measure my own personal life and growth. Am I doing anything with my life? Does my life have any meaning? And if so, what does it mean right now?

It’s fun to be nagged by my closest friends about the resolutions that I have made that have fallen by the wayside… In truth, that probably means that what I was wishing to attain was not as important to me as what I once thought that it was. (Knowing this can be a great thing!!!)

For the next three months, these are my new writing resolutions:

To keep a weekly blogging schedule of the contests and challenges that I wish to enter and check them off as I am successful.

To empty my ‘blogging follows’ only three times a week. (I seem to get very depressed as the emails accumulate and I sit and watch them. Now, I will take an allotted time as do something about it! No negative feelings attached.)

To enter some form of a contest/ publishing opportunity at least two times a month- hopefully three.

To try to expand my writing comfort zone by writing at least one piece I am somewhat happy with that is 500+ words in length. (I am very comfortable with the 100-250 word limit… but if I wish to aspire to dreams that I have placed on the back burners of my consciousness, I need more than 100+ words!)

Now that I have not only put them in print (which I usually do) but I have made them public to the world… we’ll see if I find myself more driven to see if I truly want to lay claim to these new steps in my life.

Written for The Daily Post: December 31, 2016. Hopeful


7 thoughts on “HOPEFUL

  1. I love that you don’t just have resolutions once a year. I think I need to follow your footsteps, and make some goals for myself, haha. I bet your students will write incredible stories with this beautiful video. Thanks for sharing it!

    PS: I miss being in your classroom helping the students & your writing club. I hope you are doing well!!


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