Photo copyright K. S. Brooks.

“No, my brother. A woman will never separate us.”

“But we both love her.”

“Cahal, we will always stand together.”

Abrienne, the young Princess of Saluzzo, smiled from her concealment as she heard the young men proclaim their love for her, as well as their selfless commitments to each other.


The courtesan’s potion was extremely effective. It rendered the heart hopelessly devoted to the hand from whence it came. But like all magic tonics, it had a shortcoming. The mixture would not force one to go against one’s intrinsic nature.

The boys, though she did not doubt their love, would still have to be eliminated. That should be no problem.

Her eyes were on the bigger prize… She yearned to be Queen… NOW.


Walking down the throne room corridor, she carefully reasoned out the last steps of her plan. Having already successfully gifted King Pwyll with the last of the courtesan’s potion, he now had to feel obliged to kiss her enchanted ring, the affirmation potion.

If her calculations were flawless, she would be Queen this season.

The throne room doors opened.

“Princess Abrienne.”

She curtsied. “Good, the sons are already here.”

The king stretched out his hand. With heartfelt exuberance, she held out her hand. The king bowed, kissed her ring, and turned her to face the court.

“I have an announcement.” He was still holding her hand.

“My son’s, how I love you.  Your hearts are pure. You are gold to me.”

And with those words… they were.

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Originally posted at Indies Unlimited. Requirements: Create a 250 word flash story using the photo prompt provided.


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