As It Should Be: FFftPP-2016: Week #52


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As It Should Be

The lights were a’twinkle was as the two shimmied under the tree after gingerly adjusting the packages.

This was the last night they could play Monopoly this Christmas.

Carefully counting of the monies, and then rolling the dice for the chance to go first, father and son began the last contest of the season.

This was one of many traditions being passed on to the next generation.

Losing his wife when Charlie was seven, there was not a day that went by without seeing Amelia in the wanderlust-filled eyes of Charlie.

Charlie was like his mother… ever a new adventure… always a daily quest.

Charlie, like his mother, needed the traditions of life for grounding… to find the solace of his true self. Then his life would blossom… just as Amelia’s.

Traditions were what his father had to offer. The first son of the first son of the first son… in Charlie’s case, the only son.

While great forethought and prudent planning, the traditions were bestowed to Charlie.

The Fourth of July, father and son visited Continental soldiers’ gravesites and placed wreaths. Honoring those who bleed and died for one’s freedoms was a legacy that could not be forgotten.

All Hallow’s Eve… was a time to bless the destitute children of the school with anonymously bestowed gifts- much better than candies- gifts that would open new horizons for their coming year.

On Thanksgiving Day, they would pre-plan disguises themselves so as not to be recognized, and spend the day serving their communities- sometimes fifty miles away- at food kitchens- breakfast, dinner, and supper. Coming home, exhausted and usually famished.

Tonight, this last night, was a time for only father and son. For this family… As it should be.

NOTE: My apologies, I went over the 200 word limit, slightly. I could not find a way to shorten the story and still leave its intent. Thanks for reading.

Written for Flash Fiction for the Practical Practitioner: Week #52. Requirements: Using the provided photo prompt, create a 200 word flash fiction story.


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