I have MANY, MANY things that I can be enthusiastic about over the next several days…

  • Christmas vacation just around the corner
  • Some family time that is not so rushed
  • New music books for practicing my skills at the piano
  • A few days off to see a professional about how to ‘format’ my discs for my camera
  • Being able to sleep in- or better yet…. Wake up and work on my writing assignments for an extended period of time
  • An improved schedule for chores and set-aside times for writing
  • Soon to see/ talk to friends that I only see at vacations

I am a blessed man!

Written for The Daily Post: December 21, 2017.Enthusiasm


30 thoughts on “Enthusiasm

      1. I am away from it, but I will look and let you know. The first smaller memory card works in BOTH of my cameras. All the others- the same size and the larger- work in neither. All it says is that the card needs to be formatted. I do not know much about them,,, but I want to!
        Anything you find… pdf or you-tube video would be greatly appreciated.
        With my photo flash fiction challenges, I would love to do the challenges next year using only my own pictures. I think that would be great.
        I have the pictures selected for this years challenges, so I have a year to get ready and practice and find skills. So maybe that is possible?


      2. are the newer memory cards all the same brand? It’s unusual that they wouldn’t be pre-formatted in a way that your camera could use.

        Post info whenever. I really am good at finding videos and/or translating tech speak to users (it’s what I do for a living).

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      3. Bless You… Bless You… A thousand Blessing to you!!!!!

        You will be hearing form me…. Tell me when I am annoying!

        Hint… Videos help or very small detailed steps… Electronically, until I catch on to things… not to bright?


      4. That could be the problem. I will look.I might have gotten too big for my pants.

        I have gotten a video camera from the boys this Christmas as well. You good at that too?

        You can tell… begging is already happening!

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