Not Your Normal Grandma’s…

Photo prompt by Maria with Doodles and Scribbles.

“No way this is the street Mom meant to drop us on.”

“The signposts said Billings and Gotham.”

“Do you still have Gerald’s invitation?”

“Right here in my pocket.” He dug in his left back pocket and pulled it out. Enclosed was a small map.

“Let me see.” Amy expertly unfolded the invitation to be in map inlay. We’re in a bit of trouble, bro. Gerald lives at North Billings and Gottingham. Mom dropped us at the corner of South Billings and Gotham. We’re on the complete opposite side of town.

A small mistake. Let’s just find a porch light and a few more treat-or-treaters and they can tell us the quickest way to get back.

The two tricksters, one goblin and one witch, walked past four more houses and found a richly decorated house- complete with three tombstones backlit in the front yard.

“This one looks like a lover of the dark side,” the goblin nervously laughed.

Boldly, they approached the door to ring the bell. Just as the young witch reached for the entry bell, the door creaked open.

“Welcome,” a mystic in shimmery emerald green and red silks whispered. “We have been a watching and awaiting you. Would you like to use our phone?”

The witch and the goblin found themselves standing inside the foyer with the door creaking shut behind them.

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Requirements: Using the photo prompt, create a 100/150 word flash fiction story.

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