The bedraggled, tri-legged mewed at my feet. I hoisted him onto the sofa pillow.

“Oh,” gasped Emily. “What happened?”

“Lucky?” I took my thumb and gently dug into the fur under his malformed neck.


“When I was six, he tackled a small bobcat on our family’s campout while I was playing by the campfire.”

As I stroked his back his three-quarter-tail flopped. “Lost his tail jumping the back of a brown bear when Sis and I were out fishing.”

Lucky rolled to have his belly attended.

“We’re lucky to have him.”

“Purrrrrrrrr,” was all Lucky had to say.

Written for The Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge. Requirements: December 15, 2016 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) explore the importance of a name within a story. It can be naming an experience, introducing an extraordinary name, or clarifying a name (who can forget Who’s on First). Go where the prompt leads.

16 thoughts on “Lucky

  1. Roger, that’s a terrific flash fiction! Lucky has many stories behind his name and his family is lucky to have such a ferocious feline protector. Let me know when you start up your flash fiction, too! Thanks!

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  2. Very devoted kitty, and one no one would want to lose. Loved the story.

    The cat in the picture looks so much like my Little Red. He turned out to be a lot bigger cat than we thought. We called him our little red kitty with the attitude. He died the opposite of the way he arrived. He came from nowhere with one eye popped out of the socket. One day when he was around 6, he left and never returned. But never fear: He was already on his 12th life. 🙂

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