Collectors Weekly


Once you turn fifty-plus, there are things that are missed in life.

Life is still good…. But I miss…

  • Being able to see if my shoes are tied when I look directly down at my feet.
  • My six-pack. It is now covered my far too much protective flesh?
  • Being able to sweat at sports BEFORE I am too tired to play the game.
  • When an all-you-could-eat pizza tryst meant three-to-five complete, meat-lovers pizzas with extra cheese, not three-to-five small slices of pizza.
  • The ability to pull an all-nighter and still be somewhat refreshed and alert the next day.
  • Sitting on the floor to play board games with the kids. (Oh, I can still sit… it is the raising from the floor with all those peculiar noises that accompany said feat.)
  • Misplacing the car keys (and come to find out, you really did place them someplace stupid.) Now, I misplace the car?

Written for The Daily Post: December 9, 2016. Missing


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