Sweet Memories


Pop sat back in his enormous red leather chair and breathed a sigh of release.

Mother was still in the kitchen putting away the last of the washed pans. The girls were turning down the beds. The older of the two boys was completing the last check on the penned animals. The youngest had already been tucked in by the nanny.

The next ten minutes was his most cherished time of his day.

Reaching across the glazed mahogany table, he grasped his small walnut embossed humidor. Opening it, he breathed deeply. The most fragrant smells in the world were released for him personal pleasure.

Bypassing the rich temptations of the row Brazilian-leaf Escurio and Bijou Torpedoes, he fumbled into the lower tray for something far more unpretentiously specific… the old standbys… his robust, rum Swisher Sweets. They had been the cigar of choice for his father, his father’s farther, and the grandfather before him.

The freshly-lit aroma of a Sweet rekindled memories of bygone years.

Footsteps were pitter-pattering down the side stairs.

Quickly snuffing out the heaven-sent cane… he stood to give the much awaited bear-hugs to the twins.

He was a gentleman from the old world… he would never smoke- or even be caught smoking-  in front of the girls.

He would have time for his Sweet later.

Maybe it was time for Sabastian, his oldest, to join him. He was about Sabastian’s age when he had his first Sweet.

With a kiss to the forehead of each of the twins, he relaxed and waited for Sabastian to report in.

Written for Three Word Wednesday. Requirements Create a flash story using the given three words.

Snuff, verb: extinguish, put out, douse, smother, choke, blow out, quench, stub out.

Specific, adjective: particular, specified, fixed, set, determined, distinct, definite; single, individual, peculiar, discrete, express, precise, detailed, explicit, express, clear-cut, unequivocal, precise, exact, meticulous, strict, definite.

Tempting, adjective: enticing, alluring, attractive, appealing, inviting, captivating, seductive, beguiling, fascinating, tantalizing; irresistible, appetizing, mouthwatering, delicious, toothsome; informal scrumptious, yummy, lip-smacking


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