Is there a belief in which you believe strongly enough that you you would sacrifice your life in order to not denounce said belief?


A person is martyred (somewhere in the world) every five minutes of every day.

Written for The Daily Post: December 6, 2016. Martyr


4 thoughts on “Martyr

  1. Martyr. Hmmm. Would I martyr myself for a belief system?
    Probably not
    Would I martyr myself for those I love?
    Probably yes.
    I have a deep belief in the potential of being humane, but feel realistic enough to understand that humane-ness is rare and what’s rare is wonderful. I do not believe martyrs are necessary to unite a people because I believe kindness and empathy suffice.

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  2. Hello
    I’ve just signed up for my own blog and am just beginning to learn all the ins and outs of blogging. This blog caught my attention by the question posed and I am interested in what others may have to say about martyrdom.
    I love words and believe that Americans do not use a full vocabulary. When you hear an Englishman describe something, then listen to an American describe the same thing, I find the American description to be a poor comparison.
    I don’t use enough adjectives and adverbs myself ( American of course), and wish to expand my linguistic capabilities, but find that when I do, I often have to provide an explanation of the words I just used.
    Ok. I’ve digressed into a rant. So I’ll stop here.
    What say you ?

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