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Here are some OR questions that I would love to know the answers from my readers:

  • Dog or Cat?
  • Netflix or Cable?
  • Cake or Pie?
  • Books or Movies?
  • Pen or Pencil?

The answers for me…

  • I enjoy cats, but dogs are a man’s best friend.
  • Netflix is where it is at… Sports are still on cable.
  • I am a lover of pie! Favorite… Strawberry/ Rhubarb
  • Books and Movies… They are now equal? (That is rather sad?)
  • I hate pencils!

Written for The Daily Post, November 11, 2016. Or


6 thoughts on “OR

  1. I have to say dogs.
    Definitely Netflix, gotta get my Arrow and Daredevil in.
    Pie for sure! Pumpkin to be specific
    Books all the way! Movies are good but never as good as a well written book
    Either, pencils if i’m writing for school or need to draw, pens for creative writing

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    1. Classroom life is still a major part of my life…. hence, the monumental reduction in my blog entries. I hope to remedy the blog entry absence soon? Hope you have had a grand holiday…


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