But I Don’t Relish Relish


But I Don’t Relish Relish

As I am trying, somewhat successfully, to establish a new lifestyle regime for my culinary pursuits, one of the things I have not tried is relish.

I now have three kinds of mustard in my refrigerator. I can actually tell the difference between them!

I have five kinds (may more?) of salad dressings. Probably just last year I knew the name of one- the orange stuff. Now, I have had dreams of mixing my own dressing in the kitchen. I have not done this yet, but it is a dream.

I have more spices than a man can sneeze at. (There are spices for Asian and Nigerian foods on the shelf! I have used them and enjoyed them.)

I have even tried a marinade or two.

But relish…

Relish has not even been on my radar as a new food possibility. I don’t think that I have tasted the stuff?

Note to Readers: If there are relishes that you particularly like, especially different ‘flavors’… give me some hints. Possibly even more important? What do you put relish on????

Written for The Daily Post: November 6, 2016. Relish

3 thoughts on “But I Don’t Relish Relish

  1. I put sweet relish on hamburgers, veggie burgers, and hot dogs (along with ketchup, tomatoes, lettuce). Unless I’m putting mustard on said dish, because I don’t think it goes well with mustard. I prefer dill relish with mustard and onions on hot dogs or sausages. I also use sweet relish in tuna fish salad (yes, I’m from Michigan, we say “tuna fish” for some unknown reason).

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