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A new month… A new set of goals.

Being a very purposefully-driven person, I try to set a new goal for every month. This is much like a New Year’s resolution… something ( a new goal) that I feel would make my life a little easier… or draw me closer to succeeding a a larger goal that I have on the horizon.

Since November is NANO Writing Month, I have set a calendar of goals.

I figured that if I was going to have to try to rearrange my life to write 750-1000 words a day, I might a well try to infiltrate those goals and score even more ‘rehabilitative’ life points.

The goals range from a more diligent schedule of financial management, to lifestyle changes (don’t you just love that new catch word) in my diet and exercise, to the beginning mastery of a new language.

I suspect that this month you will be hearing “How goes life?” an awflly lot?

Written for The Daily Post, October 28, 2016. Written during NANO 2016. Rearrange

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