All that’s Left


He was a kind old man, my grandfather. You could see the love and compassion flowing from his eyes.

As I got out of the taxi, with only two garbage bags of belongings, he grabbed both of my shoulders… held me at arm’s length… and said “I see your momma in you.”

Before I could answer, the taxi had driven off and I was there… alone.

I could sense he knew how frightened I must have felt on the inside.

He turned and I could barely hear him as he said, “This is your home now. You’ll be sleeping in your mother’s old room.”

He just left me standing there. I think he knew that I had to find the courage to make the first steps toward a new home on my own… or I wouldn’t want to stay. It had to be my decision.

I thought of all the melodramatic feelings that were embattling in my mind… maybe even in my heart.

Momma was gone. We’d laid her to rest that afternoon. Dad… who knows.

This lighthearted, elderly man… this was all that was left of family.

I picked up my traveling luggage and boldly yelled… for he was already up the lane and to the side door of the house… “Grandpa… I’m hungry! What’s for supper?”

When he turned his face, I know I saw him smile. I think his face was a wet as mine.

Written for Three Word Wednesday: Week #499. Requirements: Use the three given words in a story. This week’s words are…

Kindly, adjective: benevolent, kind, kindhearted, warm-hearted, generous, gentle, warm, good-natured, compassionate, caring, loving, benign, well meaning; helpful, thoughtful, considerate, good-hearted, nice, friendly, neighborly; adverb: benevolently, good-naturedly, warmly, affectionately, tenderly, lovingly, compassionately; considerately, thoughtfully, helpfully, obligingly, generously, selflessly, unselfishly, sympathetically.
Lighthearted, adjective: carefree, cheerful, cheery, happy, merry, glad, playful, jolly, jovial, joyful, gleeful, ebullient, high-spirited, lively, blithe, bright, sunny, buoyant, vivacious, bubbly, jaunty, bouncy, breezy; entertaining, amusing, diverting; informal chirpy, upbeat.
Melodramatic, adjective: exaggerated, histrionic, overdramatic, overdone, operatic, sensationalized, overemotional, overwrought, sentimental, extravagant; theatrical, stagy.


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