After a long walk in the heat and not nearly enough refreshing water in your system…

After an exasperating day at work. It doesn’t necessarily go in a bad way, you have just given all that there was to give…

A chore day at the house, when as many things go wrong as go right- the proverbial one step forward, two steps back…

When life deals your every card for a Royal Flesh, but you miss the Ace…

Chasing your tail all day, but never quite catching it….

Sometimes…. You just want to plop.

Written for The Daily Post: The Art and Craft of Blogging.Plop


2 thoughts on “Plop

  1. There are good days, there are bad days and there are my kind of days. I thought Murphy’s Law was not in effect 24/7, but I found out, it is at my house. Now along with all my other difficulties, I drop everything that I put in my hands at least once or twice, maybe three times.


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