Necessities, Once Frivolous



With a look of stern consternation, Margaret stared at the bowls as she carefully winnowed the weevils from the grains.

Having finished the bowl in its entirety, she tactfully, and unobtrusively, tossed the pests upon the open flames.

With a pop and a sear, they was vanquished.

Evelyn turned a blind eye to the reprehensible sounds.

Margaret had been with her since before she had married Winston. Now, with the passing of Winston, and the asperity brought on by the horrific collections revealed in his death, Margaret was all that truly remained as her fortress.

Unabashed, Evelyn joined Margaret at the ovens. The first loaves were needing to be removed from the fires and greased.

As teens, on a whim, the girls had become renown in their small town as exquisite bakers.

Necessity was requiring them to renew their once frivolous undertakings for survival.

Written for Three Word Wednesdays. Requirements: A story that uses the required three words.

  • Winnow, verb, separate (out), divide, segregate, sort out, sift out, filter out; isolate, narrow down; remove, get rid of.
  • Abashed, adjective, embarrassed, ashamed, shamefaced, remorseful, conscience-stricken, mortified, humiliated, humbled, chagrined, crestfallen, sheepish, red-faced, blushing, put out of countenance, with one’s tail between one’s legs; taken aback, disconcerted, discomfited, fazed, disturbed.
  • Blind, adjective, sightless, unsighted, visually impaired, visionless, unseeing; partially sighted, purblind, imperceptive, unperceptive, insensitive, slow, obtuse, uncomprehending; stupid, unintelligent, unmindful of, mindless of, careless of, heedless of, oblivious to, insensible to, unconcerned about, indifferent to, uncritical, unreasoned, unthinking, unconsidered, mindless, undiscerning, indiscriminate, impulsive, uncontrolled, uncontrollable, wild, unrestrained, immoderate, intemperate, irrational, unbridled; verb: make blind, deprive of sight, render sightless; put someone’s eyes out; noun: deception, smokescreen, front, facade, cover, pretext, masquerade, feint, camouflage; trick, ploy, ruse, machination.



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