How do you celebrate a birthday?

Me….. I go all out for my favorite comfort foods!

I used to go out for a delicious steak meal… Now, I have discovered that for the price of that ONE steak meal, I can have my favorite steak meal THREE TIMES!

One carefully seared steak fillet, deliciously seasoned… served with a huge helping of fries flavored with sea salt. An ice-chilled glass of  Mountain Dew would complete my meal. Simple, yet magnificent.

Dessert… A banana split. Peaked with three vanilla soft-serve pyramids topping the banana. One pyramid covered in chocolate syrup. One with strawberry, One wiht pineapple. Then, of course, you must have a sprinkling of walnuts and coconut flakes.

Until today’s post… I had forgotten the cake!!!!

I am not a cake person. I prefer fruit pies….

But for my birthday… A slice of German Chocolate Cake… Or Red-Velvet Cake… Or Cheesecake with caramel drizzle… Or a Carrot Cake with a French vanilla icing…What the heck!!! Why not all FOUR!

Birthdays are for celebrations. By the time you are my age… a birthday celebration needs to last for at least a week!!!

I think  at 60-years-of-age…. there ought to be Birth Month celebrations… not just a birthday!!!!

Written for The Daily Post: The Art and Craft of Blogging.  Cake


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