Many say fifty is the new thirty-five or forty. But to me, fifty is fifty…It’s just a number.

Age is a figment of one’s mind.

The most important rule that I have learned about life, I have learned through helping my students overcome obstacles… CELEBRATE!


RULE # 1: Find something to celebrate every day.

RULE #2. Always obey Rule #1! 

As I was thinking about what is different in my life not a 50+++… compared to 25, I ruminated on these ten things:

  1. Senior citizen discounts exist.
  2. Afternoon naps are fun again.
  3. You are better at setting goals worthy of your time.
  4. You are learning to make the time for the things that are truly important to you.
  5. Nature walks are actually enjoyable.
  6. Working up a sweat comes easily.
  7. Music allows memories to resonate.
  8. Hobbies can become passions and passions can become life’s rewards
  9. Finding yourself has been done.
  10. You finally are beginning to know what you want to do when you grow up.

NOTE TO SELF: You have passed 50 several years ago. But if you want 50+ more, there are a few good habits that you had better develop a passion for doing.

Written for The Daily Post: The Art of Blogging. Fifty

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