Paranoia? I Think Not!


Call it paranoia if you want, but something was setting off the detector on the corner lamppost.

Even Rusty knew the score.

Going ballistic around 3:30 am every morning, Rusty would continue barking until I gave in and got up to investigate.

Finding nothing, he would accusingly look at me… “If you had gotten your lazy butt out of bed, I could have stopped it. It’s not my fault it got away!”

The lamppost was always lit. Something had to have set it off. I knew he was right.

Then, the paranoia. Foreign trash in my trashcans… products not used in my house. My Dodge Ram inflator lights flash. Two tires on the right side of my pickup are ten-pounds under inflated. CDs  in my truck… their placement has been shifted… I am sure of it???

Paranoia? … I think not!

To have a head-start on my prowler, I fake a walk to the bedroom- cutting the lights as I go. No one will be the wiser.

I sneak back, fully clothed, to sleep on the sofa.

Rusty anticipates the eagerness of the hunt. We sleep.

Promptly, at 3:30 am, the intruder!

We bolt out the kitchen door to apprehend the interloper.

Success was ours.


True Story: The opossum was after my sunflower seeds. Yes, there was paranoia as well… What can I say?

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction: Requirements: Using the picture provided, create a 200 (approx.) flash fiction story.



15 thoughts on “Paranoia? I Think Not!

  1. A long time ago I worked for a company that had an “honor box” with snacks instead of a vending machine. We started coming up substantially short each time and everyone was putting extra change in it — afraid they might have forgotten a time or two — but it was getting worse. One day, one of the guys looked behind the door in our utility room, and there was a stash of candy and wrappers. Turned out to be a mouse, a picky little guy who only liked certain candy but wasn’t able to discern which was which when he was stealing it.

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