First Dates


First dates are sadistic creations.

After seven dud dates in a row, I had changed my profile. How was I to know that spontaneous and friendly were code for easy?

Walter has passed three years, and I was new. I was not even sure if I was ready for another relationship. But girls in a secretarial pool are a force with which to be reckoned. Over drinks at our last party, they had coerced me into creating a dating profile.

Of course I was tentative about it. But to be able to know so much about someone before you even go out with them… What could possibly go wrong?

Talk about being naive!

  • Being six foot seven turned out to be just a little over five foot. I didn’t really care… but apparently he did?
  • Loving museums and quiet walks…. A drunk with a fetish involving hooves- a gambler deeply in debt to bookies because of betting on the horse races.

I had learned my lesson. I scoured the classified to find the most unappealing, unattractive, unlikely prospect-for-a-mate as I could possibly find.

At least, now I would not be disappointed.

Strange, I was far more excited about this date than any of the others.

I wonder if he will mind that I am not twenty-seven and blonde.

Written for Three Word Wednesdays. Requirements: Create a story using the three words given.

  • Sadistic, adjective: cruel, barbarous, vicious, brutal, callous, fiendish, cold-blooded, inhuman, ruthless, heartless; perverted.
  • Scour, verb: scrub, rub, clean, wash, cleanse, wipe; polish, buff (up), shine, burnish; abrade, search, comb, hunt through, rummage through, go through with a fine-tooth comb, root through, rake through, leave no stone unturned in, look high and low in; ransack, turn upside-down.
  • Tentative, adjective: provisional, unconfirmed, penciled in, iffy, preliminary, to be confirmed, subject to confirmation; speculative, conjectural, sketchy, untried, unproven, exploratory, experimental, trial, test, pilot, hesitant, uncertain, cautious, timid, hesitating, faltering, shaky, unsteady, halting; wavering, unsure.




6 thoughts on “First Dates

      1. Curriculum Vitae – where you write about all the stuff you’ve done to get a job. I think in America it’s also called a “resume” (I don’t know how to get the French accent on the “e” on this keyboard!).

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