Zoo Lovers Day… April 8th


Zoo Lovers Day… April 8th

Now this is my kinda day!!!!!

I love to go to the zoo. The monkeys, elephants, rhinos, hippos, tigers, panthers, boas…. I could name fifty more!

To sit and watch… It is fascinating.

Did you know that the word zoo is not a true word? It is the classic abbreviation for Zoological Gardens!

Too bad, the closest zoo for me is Washington D. C. I have only been a few times.


Written for Reminiscing the Arts: April 8th.

3 thoughts on “Zoo Lovers Day… April 8th

  1. Zoos are great! It’s a place where you get to see in real life animals you probably wouldn’t get a chance to see other places, unless you can afford to travel . There are many that can be seen on TV, but that’s not the same as being where they are.

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