The Writing Is on the Wall


What do you mean it is $5.99 for bottled water? It falls free from the sky.

How much for dirt!

Cow poop… For sale?

The world has changed drastically since I was a child. As a kid, water fell freely from the sky… You collected it. You drank it.

Dirt was in the woods… Good Dirt! You went and shoveled as much as you wanted.

Cow Poop… They paid me to take it.

My… my…my…my…

But today, a great change. Dirt was on sale!

So, of course… wanting to enrich my new patio garden as much as I can… I went an bought dirt.

The handwriting is on the wall… I think I felt the earth shift n its axis.. just a little?


Written for The Daily Post: April 2. Handwriting


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